Siergio fans have been waiting for this day to come for over a year. He spent most of 2017 wrapped in the studio recording new music and filming. The Chicago, IL reared singer’s 2016 release “Songs for the Jeep” was a major success. The LP peaked at #35 on iTunes R&B and went on to sell thousands of copies worldwide.  On last Thursday, the R&B singer shared the cover and release date for his highly anticipated new single “On My Way”. So what does this all mean? It means the wait is over and he is back with an atmospheric banger.  “On My Way”, produced by Atlanta producer Dj Cool, is consistent with a strong calypso/island feel. The tune follows right into the dancehall footsteps, while offering something new and refreshing. Smooth drums and a ravishing melody, it is with pleasure you get to hear a different sound from vocalist.  The song opens with the crooner pleading with his on and off again “bae” to answer the phone.  After the two made plans for a romantic evening, things don’t look as promising as the singer can’t seem to reach his distant lover. Wrapped up with work and grad school, it’s apparent that she may not have time for their relationship. The singer travels through the city to find his love and forces her to find the time for the diminishing relationship. “Its been too long since you’ve been gone and every time I reach out for ya’ kills me that you’re not here next to me”, the singer exclaims. In many ways “On My Way” is undeniable and it’s certainly a gem. Siergio’s voice is adequately honeyed—he could sing “Happy Birthday” and make it sound sexy and intriguing—and that is what he does here. In a “trap&b” world, it’s refreshing to hear the singer choose the lane less traveled. Peep the visual below, directed by Ace Drewman. You can also cop the single on iTunes x Google Play,  and Amazon stream it on Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify.


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