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Nowadays, real artist development seems virtually extinct, but there are some new-school purists from singer/songwriter Siergio, who is reverting back to the industry’s original mantra “just make good music.”

With dozens of artist claiming to be the Messiah of R&B – the chosen one called to restore the genre to its original glory, manifested through the greats like Aretha Franklin,  Anita Baker,  Donny Hathaway, Brandy, Monica and Sam Cooke; Siergio, a soulful Chicago native has composed his own unique brand of expression surrounding maturity and life lessons learned that connects to his personal fulfillment and strong point, his artistry. 

Currently based in Los Angeles, Siergio documents his experiences with life, love, and pain through songwriting, a passion that has matured since the age of 5. From local Chicago talent shows to opening for stars such as: Fantasia, Big Sean, Monica, Trey Songz, Anthony Hamilton, and Robin Thicke, there is no denying his star quality.

In the era of pre-packaged phenomes and gimmick artists, humbled and confident Siergio is ready to take on any of music’s heavyweights.


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